What’s the collective noun for wonderful women?

A gaggle of wonder women?  A wonderment of women? A sisterhood of sirens? Really I don’t know. However yesterday I was honoured and blessed to be invited to my first ever baby shower. Incredible really, as I have 2 of my own and a calendar full of nieces, nephews and friends kids.

On this occasion, this is a pregnancy hard-won which made it all the more joyful. This wonderment of women had mostly known each other since primary school. Through the years they had experienced adventures of which their children may never be told the full story! I was new,  more a long-term friend of the father to be. Now growing a friendship with his funny, kind, articulate lovely wife.

Each woman had been asked to prepare a few words for the M2B to take with her on her journey into the crazy life of motherhood. What struck me apart from the tenderness and sincerity of all the words spoken was  the basis of the approaches. The mothers currently wrangling  younger children departed gems of baby survival wisdom. (A mini bottle of Baileys and a dummy in your hospital bag can be a god send). The mothers of children who had grown and flown imploring that even crappy times be cherished, the days are long but the years are short they caution. The non mothers who shared rapturously in the joy of her impending motherhood. The surety of her love and skill to grow a kind, worldly citizen. Little mention of cracked nipples, the inter/post delivery poo and botched lady garden.

It was touching and special to witness. I felt proud to be part of this womanhood. The passing of the motherhood baton like the heirloom blanket. It made me yearn for tender exchanges with my own gaggle (as they most definitely are)  of  glorious girls. They more likely would have hooted with laughter whilst telling their most embarrassing birthing stories, awarded best drug ratings and  advised when and where to shove your birth plan. Both ways remain a celebration of each other as women, as kick ass sisters as a collection of wonderful women. Let us be hence forth be known as; An acknowledgment of Queens.


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  1. GO LIZZ! GO Lizz! GO! I always said would be a writer one day. This is a good place to start. Very insightful blog, really enjoyed reading it all. Looking forward to next.
    PS. Thanks for outing me and Gill. Just proves we are not always straight laced even we were in our 4os a long time ago! That’s the time for women to reevaluate priorities and take stock of what they have, what they have done and where they want to go for the next 40 years.
    Good luck to all with that, it is possible if you believe in yourself.

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