The recycle/repurpose the converse challenge


Ahhhh, Can you please make sure your beer cans are empty before you put them in the bin please. Rages Master 12 as he gets covered in a sprinkling of beer swill whilst swinging the recycle bin around on his way out the door. (I’m such a fabulous parent, so I blamed his Dad)

I can’t help but find it funny, I had only been asking for 2 days for master 12 to empty ALL the bins in the house please. This piece of information had passed him by (despite the  LARGE written in Fluro instructions with multiple arrows and asterix glaring down at us all from the giant  TO DO window. )  Now I was demanding it be done before screen time could be accessed. As is typical of my lovely crazy hilarious boy, by the time he reached my bedroom bin he was conducting an audit of the rubbish leaving the house.

Master 12 – Why are you throwing these Converse out?

Me– They have a hole in. (whilst trying to continue very important FB gazing session)

Master 12 – Fix it there converse for goodness sake

Me – They are Dads, he can make that decision.

Master 12 – “Im not going to let him throw them away, have you seen the size of the hole its tiny”

Me – I know, but they are Dads work shoes he cant wear shoes with a hole in for work can he (although his boss may contradict this statement)

Master 12 – I wont allow it, take them to a cobbler or sew them up or something. (I may have forgotten to mention he is little Lord Fauntleroy reincarnated)

Me – Getting a little less amused and a little higher pitched in the vocals.

“ I cant sew though through the rubber. A cobbler wont be able to, it’s on the seam between the plastic and the fabric. It will just split again.

Master 12 – Well donate them to the homeless or something

Me – They have a HOLE IN! Would you want a shoe with a hole in given to you?

Master 12 – No, but, they are Converse after all. Cant we recycle them into something?

I don’t know what , something at least.

…………….and so for 2 days we have had ongoing discussions about what they can be repurposed into…..

So here it is the converse recycle challenge, the best idea for recycling this pair of converse wins a kit-kat and optional fluff from the tumble dryer. (surely that has a use?)

Add your genius idea in the comments below

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