The For Fucks Sake Furrow (FFSF)

From across the road she saw it today. The FFSF

The ‘nearly beat’ line of frustration bored between my eyebrows when its been “one of those mornings”.   The number 11 lines, the ‘for fucks sake furrow’, “that big knife cut in the middle of your head” (thanks for the line nephew.)

I started to grin as she mouthed “one of those mornings?” As I stomped up the hill like an angry troll variously pushing, dragging and grumping at the kids, their scooters, the dog and my damn thong/flip-flop/jandal/shoe that was trying to walk back home by itself.

It wasn’t even that bad of a morning, but I lost any trace of yoga-mom calm when I walked into find a naked child messing with Lego rather than getting dressed for school.

Only 4 minutes before I had turned into the time Nazi and switched on the most feared of time keepers – the oven timer! Complete with its ineffectual but bloody irritating kitten like mew “alarm”. I had pleaded with said child that after the 25 minutes spent poncing around in the bathroom, could they please now go and get clothes on without titting around?

Was it Einstein that said to repeat the same action and expect a different outcome was the definition of insanity? Guilty as fracking well charged!

And so….. the eruption started to rumble and grumble about towels not living on floors and could the fricken dog please stop barking at “Nobody there”. (Has the dog become convinced this is a real person do you think ?)

I matched off up the road with the ready child and left the other one, shouting, “I’m coming, I’m just, I’m…) I didn’t hear the rest, it was drowned by the slam of the door.

The dog on the lead, hurtles towards the gate noisily warning passers-by, “this isn’t a mess with the mom day” before heading her own advice.

Stomp stomp stomp. A rogue scooter gets a fright crossing the road, swings around to hide behind my ankles and attacks me. Whack.. “Ouch!”  Rumble Grumble

The dog sees a cat; “Don’t even friggin think about it dog” The dog is the wise child this morning and heads the warning.

I get to the top of the hill, I’m over taken by the child left behind, whizzing past. Yep, you have a good day I grimace, tomorrow your making your own breakfast and lunch! (because, Einstein what could go wrong?)

One of those mornings? She mouths. I grin as she points to the FFSF.

Yep!    and I’m glad of the mom solidarity.        It reminds me, It wont be forever.




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