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The Drop Off started off as a rant blog for me, a 40 something nurse, frustrated by lack of fulfilling career options available in school hours and life governed by The school ‘drop off’

Then on November 24th 2016 everything changed. As a mother to two school-age children, the diagnosis of my best friend/husband with a life ending cancer was both petrifying and harrowing.

From the numbness, grew a panic as the world began to shake – what to save first in the earthquake? Between cycles of anger, acceptance and exhaustion I write authentically about the grief, laughter and gifts (you have to look pretty hard) that accompany the diagnosis of Pleural Mesothelioma in a 42-year-old husband.

Written with irreverent honesty, I find solace in the tapping of the keyboard, hope to offer a source of comfort and information to others and document the journey of a family flung into a new and unwanted life, wherever it takes us.

If you would like to share your story or make a comment say hello@thedropoff.online

Please share any posts that may be helpful or enjoyed by others.

Thank you.

Be Kind  Have Fun.



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  1. Keep your blogs coming, wonderful woman. You are full of strength and kindness and such an example of a special human being. Don’t forget this. xxx Hilary

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