Its #notokay

How’ve you been? Better than Donald Trumps Im guessing?  Depends on whose been grabbing your pussy maybe?

Can you believe the gall of the Trumpkin? For most politicians that would have been it, career over. But no, its just locker room talk. That makes it ok does it?

On Twitter @kellyoxford invited women to share their first experiences of sexual assault using the #notokay. She reports a minimum of 50 tweets per minute running for at least 14 hours straight.  That is a minimum of 3000 disclosures an hour!

Conversations with the women in my life reveal that almost all report having been subjected to some form of sexual assault. My own experiences still make me angry. Being touched up by a male adult colleague who then tried to kiss me in the stockroom at my Saturday job. He was dismissed but it wasn’t reported to the police. #notokay

At 15, I was on a local train surrounded by a group of  unknown fully grown men. One continually put his hand on my leg/knee. No one intervened. Not one person on a packed train. I tried to control the situation by saying in a loud and uncompromising voice  “remove your hand now arsehole or I’m going to smack you one.”   They laughed and hooted with delight. Not one of those men called out the bad behaviour of his mate. After all, he was only having a bit of fun?  Right? #notokay

I have several more examples and its #notokay.

Why didn’t I move? I didn’t tell my parents. I was embarrassed, afraid of what people would think of me. Afraid it would mean my freedoms curtailed.

My sister was sexually assaulted at a train station in London. “its not even like she was asking for it, she was dressed very conservatively” the rail employee has informed my Dad over the phone. It was 25 years ago, but to think that people did/do think in that way. As a woman are you ever responsible for the inappropriate behaviour of the man assaulting you? NO. #notokay.

Thats it no ifs or buts. People choosing to sexually assault someone, it is their choice. The responsibility lies with them.

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